#1 - Heroes Stand Up

Well, hello there! 

It is our responsibility to ensure our kids and their kids have a BBQ nation to protect and serve when their time comes.  

If you are like us, your spidey sense has been in overdrive for a couple of years now and like us you can't quite put your finger on what's happening, just too many facts that don't fit I suppose, giving us all that same sinking feeling. It looks like a plot out of a bad Hollywood movie is unfolding across America, and it's time for heroes (like you) to stand against the Crony Global Elites behind this nefarious plot. These crony creatures are threading the needle of our story and are making decisions for us that ought not be. 

These widely known Crony Global Elites are the adversary of liberty and choice and its time that we get in the fight.

More to come!


Asa & the Carnivore Crew.