#2 - We feel your pain

Hi Again,

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Objective - Unite and strengthen community behind freedom and liberty. Politics are bad, freedom is good.

As Americans, we are starving, not just for more BBQ, but for identity, direction and reason, an unfortunate result of decades long American culture and value erosion (values that are the bedrock this country was built on: the pursuit of happiness, individual liberty, life, choice, expression, equality, and justice for all). This empty pit we feel in our stomachs is what has allowed so much negativity to creep into our lives and fester…I fear not even BBQ can quell this hunger.

Our American culture of accountability, transparency, and truth makes it very hard for crony creeps to take what is yours. So, let's bolster our culture of accountability, transparency, and truth, what do you say?

More to come!


Asa & the Carnivore Crew.