Well, hey there Liberty Lover!

You STILL haven’t unsubscribed yet? Holy smokes! 😀 …maybe you are building a domestic terrorist case against me….if you are, best of luck!... Are you wondering what in the heck we are doing here with these emails…Well, here is what is happening!

Ribs has a plan to support the fight against the Crony Global Elites, but we need to act together!

It has been a full year in the making and Ribs is excited to announce that it will be launching a small production of freaking awesome stuff on Monday March 14th that will support exceptional causes –

  • combat American cultural erosion and Crony Global Elites by supporting group(s) that are taking the fight to the doorstep of our adversary,
  • tighten our community of liberty lovers,
  • drive more actions that support our small mountain community!
    • we have ideas on future community engagement, but would LOVE suggestions, send me a text 505-362-3499

We need to stand together and protect American values, they are worth it - the pursuit of happiness, individual liberty, life, choice, expression, equality, and justice for all!

Our American culture of accountability, transparency, and truth makes it very hard for the enraging elites to take what is yours. So, let's bolster our culture of accountability, transparency, and truth, what do you say?

Courage is Contagious

More to come!


Asa & the Carnivore Crew.